Site Selection Procedures

The Site Selection for the next FCYPAA will be done in a closed meeting following the Bid Session on the second day of each year's FCYPAA. The successful Bid shall be selected using the 3rd Legacy Voting Procedure as outlines in the AA Service Manual. The results of the voting shall be recorded and shared with each bid committee. Each member of the Advisory Council will have a voice during discussion. Voting Members of the Advisory Council will vote on the Site Selection. Voting members are outlined in the membership section.  An opening statement will be read outlining the format of the meeting and the procedure for keeping order.


The following is an outline of the agenda for the FCYPAA Conference weekend as it pertains to site selection:



The three Assigned  Sub-Committees will operate as Bid Book Committees. 

These Sub Committees are responsible to hold a meeting prior to the date of the Conference for their Sub-Committee to discuss the summary of findings from each Bid Book submitted to the Council. The Chairman of the Assigned Sub-Committee is responsible to present a report of those findings at the Business Meeting Friday of the Conference. It is each members’ responsibility to read though each Bid Book to ensure that each Bid Committee has met the Bid Committee requirements.  


  • Business Meeting of only report, time-sensitive motions and elections.

  • During the Bid Committee Discussion at the Friday Business Meeting each Council Member will have 2 minutes to answer each of the following questions as it relates to that particular Bid Committee: 

I) What have we learned about this Bid Committee so far? 

II) What do we like the most about this Bid Committee? 

III) What concerns do we have about this Bid? 

IV) What is this Bid’s greatest strength? 

V) Do we think that this Bid Committee is capable for hosting FCYPAA next year, why or why not?

VI) Do we feel that this Bid Committee has meet all the Bid Requirements?                                   

  • All Advisory Council Members attend the Bid City Q&A with all interested bidders.

  • The Chair designates all Advisory Council Members into groups of 2-3 visit each Bid City during the Bid City Meet and Greet to ask questions regarding their bid year and package.



  • Bid Committees will have 20 minutes to present their bid skit. The Advisory Council will take this time to highlight the positive perspectives of the Committee as well as address any unanswered questions or issues relating to the Bid. Bid Committees presentation order is chosen randomly by drawing from a hat.

  • Following Bid Committee presentations, we allow for an Token Bids to present.

  • Ending the Bid Skit, the Advisory Council will enter into a working lunch. During this working lunch, there will be 2 2-minute sharing session per Advisory Council Member to share any and all feedback on Bid Committees. 

  • Following the sharing session, Advisory Council will enter into closed Third Legacy voting, with the voting round results being recorded. 

  • The new Host Committee will be announced at the end of the main meeting on Saturday by the Advisory Council Chair or a person of their choosing.

  • Advisory Council will print 200 pre-registration flyers for the winning committee to have present for sale after the main meeting Saturday night.

  • Based on Friday’s Bid City Meet and Greet grouping, Advisory Council Members will meet with all Bid Cities to provide a debriefing and answer any questions the Bid City may have.



  • Current Host Committee will pass the banner to the newly awarded Host Committee at the Sunday morning main meeting.

  • Following the Sunday morning main meeting, Advisory Council Members will meet with the newly awarded Host Committee to debrief with them about being an interim Host Committee, preparing for elections and next steps to host FCYPAA.